NEXLINE® Piezo Tripod / Piezo Hexapod - Non Magnetic 6-Axis Precision Positioning System


PI has developed a custom, non-magnetic piezoelectric hexapod based on the N-215 NEXLINE® ultra-precision piezo motor drives. This Hexapod 6-axis precision positioning system can be used in applications with very strong magnetic fields.

Preliminary Specifications:

  • 8” Aperture
  • Load 50kg
  • Low Profile: 140mm
  • Translation XYZ: 10mm
  • Rotation all axes: 6 °

>> For further information on the piezo Hexapod, please contact PI.


A large Z-Tip/Tilt Nanopositioning Platform was also developed:

Preliminary Specifications:
  • Z, Tip, Tilt platform with closed-loop NEXLINE® drives and position sensors:
  • Diameter: 300 mm (12“)
  • Load capacity: 200 N
  • Travel range: 1.3 mm
  • Tilting angle: 10 mrad
  • Sensor: High-resolution incremental sensor.

>> For further information on the large Tripod Z-Tip/Tilt Nanopositioning Platform, please contact PI.

>> In Plane Tripod Stage

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Piezo Tip/Tilt Nanopositioning Stages
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P-911 Non Magnetic Hexapod
Custom Non-Magnetic Piezoelectric Hexapod.

Z-Tip/Tilt Nanopositioning Platform
Tripod Z-Tip/Tilt Nanopositioning Platform.

M-833 and M-880 Parallel Kinematics Tripod Micropositioners with Active Drive™ Servo Motors

In addition to its wide range of 6-axis Hexapod parallel-kinematic positioners, PI also offers 3-axis stages that take advantage of the parallel-kinematic design principles. An innovative X, Z, θY, tripod stage and a low profile planar XY θZ stage are available.

M-880 3-Axis Planar Precision Positioning System

M-880.PD (see image, top) XY-Rot-Z parallel kinematics system with very high holding force is for planar load positioning up to 20 kg with sub-micron accuracy.

  • Travel Ranges 20 x 20 mm / 8°
  • Static Load Capacity to 150 kg
  • ActiveDrive™ Servo Motors
  • Low Profile through Parallel Kinematics
  • Min. Incremental Motion to 0.75 µm
  • Large Clear Aperture
  • Sophisticated Controller Included


M-833 Parallel Kinematic Tripod / Goniometer

The M-833 (see image, bottom) parallel-kinematics tripod is designed for precision positioning in X, Z, θY, offering elevation, translation and tilt motion around the (horizontal) y-axis, with a user-defined pivot point.

  • Goniometer Z Stage with Freely Selectable Pivot Point
  • Travel Ranges ±25 mm / ±25 mm / ±30°
  • Load Capacity to 4 kg
  • Min. Incremental Motion to 0.1 µm
  • ActiveDrive™ Servo Motors
  • Compact Design with Parallel Kinematics

Datasheets & Additional Information

>> M-880 Online Datasheet
>> M-880 PDF Datasheet

>> M-833 Online Datasheet
>> M-833 PDF Datasheet

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M-830, M-880 Positioners with Active Drive™ Servo Motors M-830 (bottom), M-880 (top) Micropositioners with Active Drive™ Servo Motors